Our Pastors Steve & Helen Peach have a heart 

to reach the people of Tipton for Christ.

Pastor Steve moved to Tipton in 2000 and has a passion and a heart to reach out to the town, originaly from a small village called Pelsall, he says "Tipton and its people are fantastic I've fell in love with the town and consider Tipton my home town".

Pastor Helen has always lived in Tipton and grew up in and around Tipton so has a personal love for the people and the town of Tipton.

God has given Pastor Steve a vision for the church of seeing churches in Tipton join together as Gods house and take the gospel to the people through outreachs and by being active in the community.

They live local and have two girls Jessica & Georgia and one boy Kieran, they have a passion to serve God and build and educate people.